Around the World Lunges

This weeks 4321 exercise of the week is ‘around the world lunges’. Technically the exercise is quite straight forward, but the difficulty level comes from putting 3 types of lunges together! This ups the amount of work your legs are doing at each rep and therefore massively increases the difficulty level.

The advantage of doing these lunges over normal lunges is not just to work harder, but also to allow you to work different leg muscles all in the one exercise. Once you have finished these there wont be a part of the legs or bum that you have not hit! They can be challenging on your balance too, particularly for the back or reverse lunge, so feel free to steady yourself by placing a hand on the wall. It will just help a little until your balance improves.

Being off balance can be caused by not having a strong enough core, strong enough legs or simply to do with the body learning a new technique. Whatever the cause, simply building more of this type of exercise into your programmes will help you improve.  If you like this exercise, then please share with friends and family and challenge them to do it too! Also, head over to The 4321Method®’s Facebook page to be the first to see the 4321 Exercise of the Week every Tuesday!

Fit Bird

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