Each week at The 4321 Method® we challenge our members to push their limits and try an exercise that they may never have done before. It is just a fun way to try new things and, hopefully, let everyone see what they are capable of. Last weeks challenge was the Single Leg Deadlift. The challenge here is about hamstring strength, core stability, balance and flexibility. I like that this exercise relies on various muscles working together and if any element is not working well then the exercise will be too difficult to do.

The deadlift is traditionally a barbell exercise and whilst it is an excellent exercise it relies on having access to equipment and, most importantly, on having correct form and technique when carrying out the exercise! Otherwise there is a big risk in injuring your lower back. This body weight version is the perfect alternative as you can do it anywhere and removes the risk of injury altogether! For me, this makes the body weight version far more appealing!

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Fit Bird

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