Firstly, I should start this post by apologising for the lack of information, motivation and inspiration on the blog over the last couple of months. I started 2018 with the intention of making this the best year on the blog yet, but it just did not seem to develop in the way I was hoping it would, which led to some radio silence! I am really sorry for that and hope that this will be the end of it. The reason behind the hiatus? It is quite simple, I did not know what to write.

I always loved doing my Diary of a Fit Bird blog and for the most part found it easy to post, film exercise clips and write long length articles, but towards the end of 2017 I fell pregnant and this seemed to make it far more difficult. Initially I felt very sick, so motivation to do anything over and above going to work was very low! However, this had completely lifted at the beginning of 2018 so I felt ready to start blogging again and was actually very excited to document my journey of staying fit and healthy throughout the remaining 6 months, but whenever I went to post I just could not think of what to write despite continuing to train throughout and to eat healthily. My lifestyle really had not changed that much so what was the problem?

The only way I can describe it was that I just didn’t (and still don’t really) feel quite like myself! I don’t think this is to do with vanity, at least I hope it isn’t, and those of you that follow my blog will know that I am not big on posting pics of my abs even on my best days! The reason for this is simple, I think there is more than enough of that in the fitness industry already. I prefer to motivate people, especially women, by emphasising what the body is capable of and how good it feels to be fit and healthy. Aesthetics rarely provide the motivation that people think they do! Therefore, I don’t think I am overly worried about people seeing my expanding stomach and actually I am quite enjoying this part of the pregnancy as I enjoy feeling the baby moving, plus when you start to really look pregnant you can get anyone to do almost anything for you 😉

The issue, I think, is just the lack of control of what is happening to my body and the knowledge that this will be the case for a while longer! I think this unpredictability coupled with the unprecedented change to daily life was all just a little overwhelming. Feeling worried, nervous and overwhelmed are not really the themes of this blog so I thought it was best to just take a break rather than share those feelings with the world. 6 months in and I will say I am starting to get my head around things a little more, plus I think it is good to let people know that life can and always will not be quite as you expect it! I don’t want anyone to think that I am not excited about the new arrival, that could not be further from the truth, I cannot wait! I am so excited, but within that excitement, there is a lot to think about and I am quite sure anyone that has had children will know exactly what I mean.

I hope this explains my brief hiatus and hopefully marks the end of it! I have had a think about the blog and how I want to move it forward. Whilst it is a personal blog and pregnancy, post pregnancy and babies now play a big role in my life, I don’t want to turn it into a baby blog. I still want it to be predominately about health and fitness, so there should be plenty of information and motivation for those a long way from baby days as well as those that are going through this process or have been through it recently! I feel I am able to do this now that I have got my head around someone else being in charge of me! I suppose I better just get used to that…

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