ARTICLE: How to avoid the Monday dread!

So it’s back to Monday, back to work, back to uni, back on the school run and back to the gym. Oooft! What a day! Along with the Sunday night fear, Monday morning is potentially the least popular time of the week. I see a lot of articles about avoiding the Monday dread by doing a job you love or finding your passion and whilst this might be an appropriate suggestion if you do hate your job, it does little to help motivate you week to week. Plus, you might not necessarily hate your job you might just enjoy hanging out with family and friends on the weekend more! I absolutely love my job, but I still occasionally have the Monday dread! However, I have started to notice some patterns emerging about when and why I have this feeling on a Monday and subsequently have a few tips to help deal with it.

The first is being ahead of the game. I dread a Monday when I am disorganised, behind on work or have forgotten to do something. On a Monday we automatically think about the week ahead. What meetings we have, what nights we are working late, what family plans are, what classes we need to do and the list goes on. However, if we all also have to add in extra work or activities on top of this due to poor organisation it causes far more stress because the volume of work is overwhelming. I normally take an hour or so on a Sunday to get ahead of the game. Tidy up some tasks that I might have missed last week or get ahead on some small simple tasks that get me ahead for Monday. As it is a Sunday night I keep the tasks small, simple and efficient, just having less to think about on a Monday though goes a long way! This is also the reason I like to meal prep. Planning my meals is one less thing to think about on a Monday! So make sure you get ahead of the game!

Monday dread is contagious. If you are around people moaning and groaning about Monday, it is likely you will moan and groan about it too. Do not be the one to start it off. Head into work, school or uni and try to be as positive as you can about the day ahead. This will have a ripple effect and hopefully create a positive environment around you instead of a negative one. You may have a difficult, busy and stressful day ahead, but complaining about it is not going to make it any easier. Try to find the positives in the day and zone in on them, it will go a long way in not just avoiding the Monday dread but also in keeping you relaxed and focused.

Finally, find ways to lift yourself up if you are feeling tired or stressed. My day almost always starts of 5.45am and whilst you do get used to it, it is not always easy and some mornings I feel tired and demotivated, particularly on a cold, dark, winters morning. However, I find that no matter how I feel when I wake up if I get up, make a nice cup of coffee and turn up some tunes loud it is not long before I am in a better mood! My mood is incredibly important as I am showing up to someones house to motivate them and to help them feel better. It would not be ideal if I showed up grumpy and tired! Therefore, I like to find ways to stay positive, energised and motivated myself. As I said, mood is contagious!

So, if you are experiencing the Monday dread today, think about how you can be better prepared for Monday next week, look for the positives in your day and find ways to lift your mood! The year is made up of a lot of Mondays so it is best not to dread them all!

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