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6am workout 26-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout  26-4-17 Today’s workout is all about the hamstrings! The hamstrings sometimes do not get the attention that they deserve, so we wanted to change that today and give the quads a break! There are not too many… Continue Reading →

6am workout 25-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout  25-4-17   Today’s workout is an absolute classic, as it features some faves from the 6am workout vault. The reason these exercises are so popular are simply because they work! Side to side shuffles, get the heart… Continue Reading →

Exercise of the week: The Crow

The Crow This 4321 exercise of the week does not actually feature in any of the programmes, but is one of those exercises that I would encourage people to play about with as they reach the Master stage. It looks… Continue Reading →

6am workout 24-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout  24-4-17   Monday always comes back around very quickly, but why not kick off the week in the best possible way with this HIIT workout. It will only take 5 minutes! Today’s workout features a couple of… Continue Reading →

6am workout 21-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout  21-4-17 Last workout of the week and it is a good one! First of all, let’s start with the two tone squats. Start with your feet wider than your shoulders for the sumo squat and then jump… Continue Reading →

6am workout 20-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 20-4-17 Thursday’s workout features a few exercises that you will be getting familiar with, however the lat pull down with the towel is one that sometimes causes a few issues, so let’s have a look at that… Continue Reading →

6am workout 19-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 19-4-17 On paper this looks like a simple workout, but do not let it deceive you as the squats are more complicated than they look! Every 3 reps we pause and hold at the bottom of the… Continue Reading →

6am workout 18-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 18-4-17 Morning, this is an awesome workout for the shoulders and core. Both get very little rest, if any, so are working very hard the whole time. The mountain climbers are varied a little for this workout,… Continue Reading →

4321 Exercise of the Week: Advanced Leg Raises

Advanced Leg Raises This week for the 4321 exercise of the week we are looking at advanced leg raises. Leg raises are a popular ab exercise, but, as always with the 4321 exercise of the week, I wanted to look… Continue Reading →

6am workout 17-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 17-4-17 It may be Easter Monday, but that does not mean we are slacking on our Monday morning training! This morning, there is a little more cardio than normal, just to make sure the heart is pumping… Continue Reading →

6am workout 14-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 14-4-17 This workout is fairly straight forward in the sense that are not many difficult techniques to go into. The priority for the lunges is to get the knee as close to the floor as possible and… Continue Reading →

6am workout 13-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout  13-4-17 This workout is slightly different to all the others because it only features 2 exercises, sprints and squats. Instead of doing each 4 times, you will do each 8 times. The real reason for doing it… Continue Reading →

6am workout 12-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 12-4-17 Today, we are taking on a full body workout. Star jumps for the cardio; reverse crossover lunges for the legs and bum; plank climb for arms and core and the back extension for the back. All… Continue Reading →

6am workout 11-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 11-4-17 Flutter kicks make their first appearance in the 6am workouts this morning! It is quite an advanced core exercise so here are some tips to help you out and help you find the level that is… Continue Reading →

4321 Exercise of the week: Advanced walkouts

Advanced Walkouts This weeks 4321 exercise of the week is lifted straight out of the Elite stage of The 4321 Method’s®️ Signature Collection. These advanced walkouts bridge the gap from doing walkouts on the floor to doing a full wall walk! This exercise… Continue Reading →

6am workout 10-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout  10-4-17 Monday’s workout is a MUST to help kick start a good week! Kick it off then with this short sharp workout and you will feel great! The new exercise today is the side plank with leg… Continue Reading →

6am workout 7-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 7-4-17 There is just one workout that stands between you and the weekend and this is it! There is one new exercise today but, hopefully, you wont find it too tough. It is called alternating leg raise and… Continue Reading →

6am workout 6-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 6-4-17 Today’s workout is a tough one and features a couple of new exercises. The 4 point jumps are fairly easy to get to grips with, but the lat pull down (body weight) is a bit more… Continue Reading →

6am workout 5-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout  5-4-17 It is time for your third workout of the week (remember the magic number is 4)! There are no new exercises today, but the double crunch has only featured once or twice, so I want to… Continue Reading →

6am workout 4-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout  4-4-17 This workout is packed full of all my favourite exercises! Each one has featured many times before so I do not think you will need too many pointers. Just a brief reminder to get the knee… Continue Reading →

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