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Oven Baked Parmesan Chicken Bites

These chicken bites just make me so happy! Eating them feels like I am 13 again and enjoying my favourite chicken nuggets from THAT fast food restaurant. This time though, there is far less saturated fat, E numbers, salt and… Continue Reading →

Sausage, Green Lentils & Pearl Barley

Lentils and sausages are quite a classic combination from Umbria. They can be served on their own or mixed with Farro, another regional ingredient. However, today I mixed it with pearl barley. It is a more common ingredient in households… Continue Reading →

Tricolore Meatball Kebabs

I love food, I love Italian food and I love meatballs, but even with that being said I never expected these meatball kebabs to turn out so good! As you may have noticed there is a bit of a meatball… Continue Reading →

Rigatoni con Polpette

It has taken nearly a year of blogging recipes before I have finally posted a pasta dish. That is pretty good going considering the blog revolves around the Italian diet! The main reason for avoiding it is not because it… Continue Reading →

Oriental Chicken Noodle Soup

It is getting to that time of year again when soup becomes a real staple. It is just so warming and comforting on a cold winters day! Therefore, I will be posting plenty of soup recipes over the winter months… Continue Reading →

Healthy fish and chips

Fish and chips may not necessarily be seen as a traditional Italian dish, but in Scotland it is fair to say that fish and chips and Italians have always had a very close relationship! It is also a dish that… Continue Reading →

Courgette Polpette

RECIPE: Courgette Polpette I love love love courgettes. I would consider it a real staple because it is tasty, versatile and generally inexpensive. Having said that, I do find it hard to get on board with courgetti, purely because I… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Chicken in a Marsala Sauce

This dish is the ideal way to dress up the humble chicken breast! The sauce is absolutely delicious and incredibly simple. A must try for a simple dinner during the week! What would we do without chicken breast? It is… Continue Reading →

Pearl Barley Risotto with Spinach & Pork

I absolutely love pearl barley, but had previously really only used it in soups. As I was browsing some recipe ideas online I noticed that the great Antonio Carluccio used it as a risotto, not for health reasons I might… Continue Reading →

Roasted Summer Tomatoes & Chickpeas

This is a simple side dish that features my new favourite food, chickpeas. I was always very indifferent about them, but the more I use them I realise how awesome they are. They are filling, packed full of protein and make… Continue Reading →

Roasted Carrots & Broccoli with Chilli & Garlic

Carrots and broccoli are a staple in my house. Everyone likes them, they have a good shelf life and are good value for money. However, they can also be very boring especially, if like me, you eat them all the… Continue Reading →

Italian Couscous Salad

A beautiful lunch option for any occasion! Salads are often seen as boring and tasteless, but they do not need to be. This salad is hearty, tasty and full of flavour. A far more satisfying lunch than some cold meat… Continue Reading →

Italian Chicken & Rice

Who does not enjoy chicken and rice as a classic combo? What I like about this recipe is that it adds in a little variety with the olives and sun dried tomatoes, but is still a recipe for all the… Continue Reading →

Sea Bass with Runner Beans

This is my ideal type of meal, fresh food cooked with just a handful of ingredients. For me, the simpler the better when it comes to meals and I do not just mean in terms of cooking time or effort,… Continue Reading →

Caprese stuffed portobello mushrooms

A caprese salad is one of my favourite things, so when I saw this take on it I knew I had to try it out! This dish can be used as a starter, as a side dish or as the… Continue Reading →

Mustard & Balsamic Pork Chops

Pork chops are something I have always been unsure of cooking because I know that if they are not cooked right, they can be very tough. My mum passed on this recipe though and I am pleased to report that… Continue Reading →

Potato Salad

You all know that I love nothing more than a dish that can be prepped easily and packed up for simple lunches. This may be my best yet! A dish that is so simple to make in volume, is incredibly… Continue Reading →

Spicy Chicken Wings

It has been so long since I have had chicken wings, I had completely forgotten just how good they were. Last week they caught my eye in the supermarket and I knew for sure Saturday nights dinner was sorted. I… Continue Reading →

Salmon with pesto, asparagus & cherry tomatoes

Salmon is the ultimate fish. It is packed full of good fats including omega 3 (which can be hard to come by), it is really high in protein, so is sure to fill you up and it tastes amazing. If… Continue Reading →

Courgette & onion filo parcel

This is literally one of my favourite dishes. It can be eaten as a side dish or take centre stage, but either way it is delicious. As far as pastry goes filo is the one with the least calories, so… Continue Reading →

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