It is coming to the end of my holidays and unfortunately that means getting back to reality and, for me, that includes food planning! Now full disclosure, I did not write this food plan whilst on holiday. I wrote it prior to leaving and I am actually pleased I did because it is one less thing to think about when I get back and am trying to get organised for work!

It was an easy plan to make as I knew that I would not have a lot of time to cook when I got back so I decided to make meals that were quick and easy to batch cook. With soup being the obvious option for batch cooking, I opted for Italian butternut squash, plus I decided to do roast chicken and vegetables for 3 nights as that is simply putting everything in a tray, no fuss and no hassle, perfect!

Saturday and Sunday are blank as I am still away, but the rest of the of the week is planned and ready to go! After a holiday it is really important to get straight back on track. It can be so easy to allow ‘holiday mode’ to stay on, so it is vital to get on top of your plan, get organised and get focused again.

Fit Bird.

My Food Plan 19-8-17

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