An exciting week and weekend ahead at Diary of a Fit Bird HQ as I am adding a new feature! As of next week, I will be posting recipes straight from the heart of the Italian community in Scotland. There will be more information on this coming your way, but for the moment all you need to know is that the first recipe is from my fabulous Mum and is Carne e Patate, Italian meat and potatoes. An ideal hearty dish for this time of year! That is Sunday’s dinner sorted!

On Saturday I am out for dinner again (I am out tonight too), so in order to restore a little balance I wont be drinking on Saturday night and will try to squeeze in an extra workout over the weekend! It is quite unusual for me to be out so much, so I am not worried about it. I am just looking forward to it. Things have been very busy recently so I am looking forward to spending a bit of time with friends.

The rest of the week is fairly standard and I am starting to find a good routine with snacks. Apple chopped with greek yogurt is working well plus, occasionally, to mix it up I have also been having mixed vegetables as a snack. This might seem like a weird option, but its not. I love vegetables, I always have extra in the fridge, they are incredibly filling and low in calories. The perfect snack!

Hope you are enjoying your week!

Fit Bird.

My Food Plan 4-11-17


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