This week there was a very real struggle with portion sizes! As I have recently discussed I had increased my carbs portions slightly at each meal and included a heartier snack every single day as I was exercising more and definitely needed the extra energy. However, whilst I am delighted to say that I have now finished filming my new programme, I am not nearly as delighted that my calorie consumption needs to come back down!

This week was particularly tough as I took another deload week. I would never normally do that at this time of year especially as I did it just 6 weeks ago on holiday, but I really felt I needed it after pushing myself to the limit over the last few weeks. I still trained, but very lightly! Therefore, my portions should have matched my output, but I am not sure they did!! It wasn’t that I was hungry it was just that I was getting used to eating more and found it hard to stop.

Looking to next week then, I will either need to keep up my new exercise regime, which I may do, or I will need to be stricter with my portions. It hasn’t had any impact on my weight this week, but it will if I do not reset the balance. I have to admit I really enjoyed training a bit more and I definitely felt the benefits so I am keen to keep it up. The only consideration is work. I had to put things on the back burner whilst I was filming to facilitate the extra time it took up in my day and that is not something I can necessarily keep doing. I feel as though the next few weeks will be about trying a new regime, monitoring it and adjusting accordingly depending on what I think is suitable, both from an exercise and food perspective!

Fit Bird.

My food plan 7-10-17


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