Delighted to say that last week went perfectly to plan, finally! After everything being upside down for a few weeks, I was relieved to have a normal week. Well it was normal in the sense that it went to plan, but it was incredibly busy. 3 nights of the week both Giulio and I were home past 9pm and every single day was packed full. The food plan has never been so useful!

Each day we were organised and in control and this not only meant we ate well, but it also helped minimise the stress. When I get in at 9.30pm the last thing I want to think about is what we are going to have for dinner. A pot of minestrone sorted that problem out, so each night was just a reheat job. Simple. Perfect.

The week ahead looks to be similarly busy, however I do finish early on Wednesday. Therefore, Monday and Tuesday I have planned a dinner that takes zero time to prep and just 10 minutes to cook. The venison grill steaks go in the George Foreman grill and the corn on the cob simply boil in a pot. You might have noticed that this meal is quite a staple for Giulio and I and it is because it is not just incredibly easy to cook, but it is also tasty, healthy and filling. Corn on the cob is quite a starchy vegetable and is perfect if you are looking for a low carb meal but want something pretty filling. Then on Wednesday, when I have the time, I will make stuffed peppers and serve them with some salad.

I am feeling organised and excited about the week. I hope you are too!

Fit Bird.

My Food Plan 9-9-17


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