It is strange how life has a way of forming a pattern that you were not aware of until it is perhaps too late. My life, like most, is fairly routine. It is the life of an average women in her 30’s that revolves mostly around work and family. There is not as much as adventure as there used to be, which is fine, but I did notice that falling into this routine and this comfortable life has had an impact on my confidence. Let me explain how.

If you asked me, I would never have said I lacked confidence, even when I was much younger. It is not something I particularly struggled with and so, perhaps, was not something I was looking out for. However, this week, I was surprised to realise that is what had been holding me back when it came to promoting.

I have always had so many ideas for social media and for promoting The 4321 Method®, but for some reason have always pulled back from doing them right when it was scheduled. I made excuses and got distracted by other tasks, missing deadline after deadline that I set myself. I was thinking about it this week and I do believe it was because I was not confident enough to put myself out there.

On a one to one level, working with people or with myself, I have no doubts. I am confident about what I do, how successful my approach is and in the long term benefits of it. However, on a big scale, I just was not ready for it. When I think about putting myself out there, I start to doubt myself, to worry about what I say or what others might say. It is a horrible feeling and it is holding me back!

Having never really had to deal with this before, I was not really sure how to overcome it. I just know that I hate anything holding me or anyone else back. I am all about living life for you, living life to its fullest and fully believe anyone can achieve anything, so this is massively frustrating. There is just a huge mental block that is holding me back in one very specific area.

At first I thought it was because of the pressure on how I look and live a certain way, but actually I am happy with both those areas, I think it is the fear of the unknown, the fear of stepping outside my comfort zone. What will happen if I venture outside? The unknown is a scary place! I did, however, used to enjoy the unknown, I found adventures into the unknown fun, exciting and full of possibility. I have lost that slightly recently and I am determined to find it again.

I do not know if there is any other way to go about it except to jump straight in and look for ways to step outside my comfort zone more regularly. In fact, the only difference I can find between my life when change was less scary than now is that I used to push myself to do different things more often. I acknowledge that as I get older, I want and have more stability and responsibilities, but I do not want that to affect my confidence or desire to try new things. And it does not have to. It is time then to step outside of my comfort zone and back into the unknown! Wish me luck!!

Have a great week!

Fit bird

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