ARTICLE: Long days & light nights

During the week the longest day passed over us and unfortunately that means shorter days are on the horizon. This is not something I normally worry too much about, but this year the thought of shorter evenings again was really disappointing. Longer days just have such a positive impact on my life. When I leave the house circa 6.30am it is feels like a normal time and when I finish circa 8pm, it feels much earlier. So much so that completing a workout at that time or even later seems normal! In the winter though it can feel pretty gruelling. However, even though I was not very happy about it, presumably just like everyone else, I decided I was going to make the most of the light nights while I still can!

So, what can I enjoy more of whilst the longer days are still here? Well, firstly Giulio and I are away this weekend (I will inevitably be posting all about this on Instagram stories so If you do not follow me there, check it out @diaryofafitbird), and we will be enjoying early morning long walks, long lunches and late night drinking. Perfect! I think we might try to take in some Munros this summer too, which can be easier to fit in during the longer days as well as BBQ’S, hanging out with friends and late evening walks in the sunshine (hopefully) are just some of the things I want to enjoy!

None of this is life changing, but it is just about living in the moment and appreciating everything as it happens. I am guilty of worrying a lot about the future, trying to plan or control it too much and subsequently stressing about what may or may not happen. Therefore, I am trying to enjoy the present more and take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. Plus, I booked a holiday this week so I am feeling super positive and happy! Yay!

However, my feelings towards the winter coming in did get me thinking about my work life balance and I feel this is something I will likely have to address in the coming months. I am just not sure how long I can keep working at this pace and whilst it feels fine when the days are longer, it is clearly not the optimum way to do things. Dreading the whole winter season is clearly not how I want to live, especially in Scotland as that is a long stretch of the year! So, whilst I am going to focus on taking advantage of the long days whilst they are here and not stress too much about the future, I am also going to have a think about what is important to me and what changes I might need to make. Which is fine because I still have a few long days and light nights to do it!

Hope you have a great week!

Fit Bird

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