If you read this blog regularly you will know that I have become passionate about calisthenics (body weight training) and how my focus has changed from how I look to how my body performs. Largely, the reason for this is because it gave me a more positive and confident outlook on my body. Instead of looking at the lumps and bumps I didn’t like, I started to focus on the strength in my body and all its capabilities. It was an incredibly liberating experience and one that I think would be positive for many women. However, despite my new found clarity, I appreciate that it is difficult to focus on body performance if you are unhappy with how it looks. What we need to realise though is that how the body looks and how it performs are directly related!

If we squat better, our legs will look better. If we improve our press ups, we reduce our bingo wings and if we train our abs, we will tighten up our stomach. Most of you know this, but what you might not realise is how much more exercise can do for how we look. Exercise can also massively improve posture. Rounded shoulders, pelvic tilt or back misalignment can all impact how we look! Even more importantly. correcting these issues can help us alleviate current pain or fend off future pain, which will have a massive impact on our quality of life.

Focusing on performance led to these results, not focusing on weight loss, even if that was the desired outcome!

Taking it back to aesthetics though, because I know that is what most of you will be interested in improving, progressing at exercises, pushing the body and training regularly will have an incredible impact on how the body looks. The more we work the muscles in our body, the more calories we burn at rest and the more we are able to sculpt the body to make it look exactly how we like. Many people believe their body can never look a certain way, but that is largely untrue. With the correct training programme you can mould your body to look how you would like, from small targeted changes to very big aesthetic changes. There are some obvious exceptions, like altering height or age, but in terms of body composition, the sky really is the limit!

It is clearly possible to lose weight through diet alone and not exercise for even a second, but this will also have an impact on how you look. You may well hit the desired number on the scales, but without exercise you can risk losing muscle mass along the way, which is not an ideal look and is not good for your health, plus it can lead to loose or sagging skin and gives you no real control of how you will look. I would always recommend some form of resistance training when losing weight, for both health and aesthetic reasons.

Whether your goals are big and dramatic or whether they are small, simple changes, exercise is the most effective way to get the results you want. I only suggest focusing on performance because I think it is a more positive outlook and will leave you feeling more confident and  empowered. Due to this change in mindset you are far more likely to achieve the aesthetics that you are really looking for!

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