I became a fan of vegetarian sausages by chance. I am not a vegetarian, but was looking for breakfast options and decided to try some vegetarian sausages that my mum had in the house. They tasted really good, plus gave me an alternative high protein substitute to eggs. The brand was Linda McCartney’s and they were frozen sausages, which made life easy as I did not need to worry about them going out of date. However, over time, I wanted some more variety and decided to give making my own veggie sausages a go. The version you see below is my 3rd attempt. I had to make a few changes along the way, but they were definitely worth the effort!

Vegetarian Sausages

It is a bit of work to make them, but they taste amazing, are really filling and are great to keep in the fridge or freezer. It is also nice eat a sausage that is not made from processed meat!

Buon appetito,

Fit Bird

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