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How I Stay Injury Free

ARTICLE: HOW I STAY INJURY FREE Before I delve into this post I should point out that I am well aware that by writing it I am seriously tempting fate!! However, up to this point, I have been injury free… Continue Reading →

What I learn from every workout

Diary Entry: What I learn from every workout On the surface the benefits of a workout seem pretty straight forward. It helps us burn calories, increases our energy levels and improves our all round fitness. However, what I have learnt over… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 28-10-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 28-10-17   A busy week ahead at DOAFB HQ with lots of new blog ideas finally being put into place, lots of one to one sessions to deliver and a big night out on Friday! As… Continue Reading →

4321 Exercise of the Week: Advanced Sit Ups

Advanced Sit Ups Sit ups are always a popular ab exercise, but after a while they can become pretty straight forward and often we can end up doing large sets of them to keep the difficulty level up. Well there… Continue Reading →

Nobody said it was easy

ARTICLE: Nobody said it was easy It has been a pretty tough week at Diary of a Fit Bird HQ! Work has been incredibly busy (which is not a complaint) and I have decided to update the whole of my… Continue Reading →

4321 Exercise of the Week: Hindu Press Ups

Hindu Press Ups There are so many variations to the humble press up, this is just one of them. The purpose of each of them is just to challenge your upper body strength in all different ways. They are not… Continue Reading →

Switching Off

ARTICLE: Switching off Last weekend was the first weekend in a long time that I can say I had a full weekend off and it was very much needed. Giulio had a few days off so rightly insisted that we go… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 1-7-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 1-7-17 I do believe that simplicity is the key to success with everything and I am finding that keeping my food plan as simple as possible has been such a key to my weight being as… Continue Reading →

Everything is Within Your Control

ARTICLE: Everything is within your control It is sometimes difficult to fully appreciate that we are in total control of the results we get. We often feel like we are coerced into making certain choices or that we are limited in… Continue Reading →

What Are You Working Towards?

ARTICLE: What are you working towards? We are just coming to the end of week 2 of the 12 week challenge and so I thought it was good time to talk about what you really want to achieve by the end… Continue Reading →

Article: Week 1 and what we can learn from it

Week 1 and what we can learn from it As week 1 of the 4321 12 week challenge is coming to an end, I thought this was the perfect time to look into what happens when you start a new… Continue Reading →

6am workout 6-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 6-4-17 Today’s workout is a tough one and features a couple of new exercises. The 4 point jumps are fairly easy to get to grips with, but the lat pull down (body weight) is a bit more… Continue Reading →

Article: An Emotional Week

Article: An Emotional Week Being a personal trainer is a job that can bring many highs, moments of great achievements and huge amounts of job satisfaction. However, it can also be incredibly frustrating, disappointing and physically and emotionally exhausting. I… Continue Reading →

6am workout 30-3-17

VIDEO: 6am workout  30-3-17 Let’s smash this workout today! The plank jumps and the scaled straight bridge are what we will be zoning in on today. For the plank jumps, jump the feet out wide and then jump the knees… Continue Reading →

Article: Change Perspective

I have set a number of very big fitness goals over the last 6 months that involve single arm press ups, being able to do a minimum of 5 pull ups, getting more fluid with my prisoner squats and learning… Continue Reading →

4321 Exercise of the week: Oblique leg raises

Oblique leg raises After so much leg work over the last couple of weeks I felt it was a good idea to highlight an ab exercise for The 4321 Exercise of the Week. The exercise I have selected is called… Continue Reading →

6am workout 21-3-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 21-3-17 Flutter kicks make their first appearance in the 6am workouts this morning! It is quite an advanced core exercise so here are some tips to help you out and help you find the level that is… Continue Reading →

My food plan 18-3-17

  So, last weeks food plan did not go exactly to plan, but it made no difference to whether I had a healthy week or not. I had bought all the good food in so the options I had were… Continue Reading →

4321 Exercise of the Week: Froggers

Froggers As many of you will know, we post the previous exercise of the week from The 4321 Method® every Monday. Last week, we featured froggers and I think it is one you are going to like. It is not… Continue Reading →

6am workout 2-3-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 2-3-17 Drive thru lunges appear in this workout again and I hope that those of you that regularly do the workout are starting to see an improvement with this specific exercise. In contrast, the double crunch appears… Continue Reading →

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