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The Training Programme

ARTICLE: THE TRAINING PROGRAMME I have to admit I have really enjoyed being back training full time. That is not to say that it has not been tough, it has been, but it has definitely been worth it. Before starting… Continue Reading →

Stop punishing yourself

ARTICLE: STOP PUNISHING YOURSELF The world can be a very judgemental place and not just the health and fitness world! We are possibly all guilty of it at certain times, but what I notice the most is how hard people… Continue Reading →


ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 3-2-18 So the first thing we need to discuss this week is the absolute triumph that was my chorizo, chilli and chickpea casserole! I have referred to it as mine but to be honest I simply… Continue Reading →

Mindful Eating: What is it and why is it so important?

The rise of convenience food, eating on the run and the accessibility of snacking has led to an increase in mindless eating. That is eating without being fully aware of what we are putting in our mouth. We can consume,… Continue Reading →

Top tips for 2018!

ARTICLE: TOP TIPS FOR 2018! Here are some top tips for helping you reach your health and fitness goals in 2018. I have split them into dieting and exercise because each involves a different approach and also because each of… Continue Reading →

Intervals: Reverse Crossovers

VIDEO: REVERSE CROSSOVERS   Try this finisher after your strength sessions! Each week I do 2-3 strength sessions and at the end of each I do some quick intervals to finish the workout off and get the heart rate pumping!… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 21-10-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 21-10-17 I enjoyed a little time off last week so food plan was later than expected and not as strict as it would normally be. Holiday mode is off though so it is back to my… Continue Reading →

4321 Exercise of the Week: Froggers

Froggers As many of you will know, we post the previous exercise of the week from The 4321 Method® every Monday. Last week, we featured froggers and I think it is one you are going to like. It is not… Continue Reading →

Workout 10 Weeks 9-12 (Week 12)

VIDEO: Workout 10 Week 12 The countdown to the finish line is well and truly on so make sure you check off as many workouts as you possibly can before Saturday! Also, for those of you that feature in the… Continue Reading →

4321 Exercise of the Week: Single Leg Deadlift

Each week at The 4321 Method® we challenge our members to push their limits and try an exercise that they may never have done before. It is just a fun way to try new things and, hopefully, let everyone see what… Continue Reading →

Workout 9 Week 9-12 (Week 12)

VIDEO: Workout 9 Week 12 This is it the FINAL week of the 12 week 4321 challenge!!! How exciting!! The final date of the challenge is Saturday 5th August so all points must be on the board by then! I… Continue Reading →

Workout 11 Weeks 9-12 (Week 11)

VIDEO: Workout 11 Week 11 Week 11 workout 11! Lets up the tempo now and push this workout to the absolute max! Check out the varying levels for each exercise, some exercises become single arm or single leg and in… Continue Reading →

Workout 9 Weeks 9-12 (Week 11)

VIDEO: Workout 9 Week 11 This is the penultimate week of the 12 week 4321 challenge and I hope you are all excited about crossing that finish line! A couple of important pieces of information to note in the last… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Chicken & Vegetable Couscous

Recipe: Chicken & Vegetable Couscous   This dish is fast becoming a favourite in the De Marco/Spella household! It makes for an awesome packed lunch as it is tasty hot or cold, is perfectly balanced with carbs, protein, fat and… Continue Reading →

Not sure where to start?

ARTICLE: Not sure where to start? I think we have all been there, ready and willing to get started but not quite sure what the best course of action is! Everyone we know is doing something different and everywhere we… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 22-7-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 22-7-17   So what is on the menu this week? I am glad you asked! Plenty of great healthy, hearty and, most importantly, tasty food! Changing your diet is tough so you have to make sure… Continue Reading →

Workout 11 Weeks 9-12 (Week 10)

VIDEO: Workout 11 Week 10 It is the second half of the week and that means it is time for the HIIT portion of the week! This type of HIIT workout is always popular because the time decreases with each… Continue Reading →

Workout 10 Weeks 9-12 (Week 10)

VIDEO: Workout 10 Week 10 Back to leg day today and it is a good one! Just a reminder that the exercises vary quite a bit at each level so be sure to check out the video if this is… Continue Reading →

Workout 9 Weeks 9-12 (Week 10)

VIDEO: Workout 9 Week 10 A second chance to give this strength workout a go! I hope you enjoyed the different workouts last week. The strength phase is not there just for variety though, it is an important part of… Continue Reading →

Staying focused on the end goal

ARTICLE: Staying focused on the end goal Last week I posted an update on the 12 week 4321 challenge and on a personal level reflected on a very busy and pretty stressful week. Both of these events made me realise… Continue Reading →

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