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Recipe: Chorizo, Chilli & Chickpea Casserole

Recipe: Chorizo, Chilli & Chickpea Casserole I feel like a traitor to my Italian roots posting this delicious Spanish dish. I have no idea how traditional it is to Spanish cuisine to be fair, all I know is that it… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 13-1-18

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 13-1-18 As I said last week, it was great to get back to food planning and the immediate impact it had on my week was incredible. The most important factor was that it helped me get… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Fettuccine Bolognese

RECIPE: RINO’S FETTUCCINE BOLOGNESE  Now if I have said it once,  I have said it a thousand times, you can still enjoy pasta as part of a healthy balanced diet! Pasta and all other carbs do not need to be… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 11-11-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 11-11-17   This week at Casa De Marco we will be enjoying some Italian classics including tagliatelle bolognese and risotto! The bolognese is curtesy of my father in law as he will be showing me how… Continue Reading →

The New Food Blog

ARTICLE: THE NEW FOOD BLOG For anyone that follows the blog regularly you will know the type of food that I enjoy has a big mediterranean influence, largely because this is the type of food I enjoyed growing up in… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 30-9-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 30-9-17 Last week was a great week! It was super busy, but I was organised and on top of all my meal prep, plus I even got to enjoy some pasta for lunch during the week…. Continue Reading →

Roasted Carrots & Broccoli with Chilli & Garlic

Carrots and broccoli are a staple in my house. Everyone likes them, they have a good shelf life and are good value for money. However, they can also be very boring especially, if like me, you eat them all the… Continue Reading →

Life in the fast lane

Busy busy times here at diaryofafitbird HQ and I am mega excited about everything that is happening. This is exactly how I like life to be, non stop, pressurised and full of adventure! The only drawback of times like this,… Continue Reading →

Italian Couscous Salad

A beautiful lunch option for any occasion! Salads are often seen as boring and tasteless, but they do not need to be. This salad is hearty, tasty and full of flavour. A far more satisfying lunch than some cold meat… Continue Reading →

Mustard & Balsamic Pork Chops

Pork chops are something I have always been unsure of cooking because I know that if they are not cooked right, they can be very tough. My mum passed on this recipe though and I am pleased to report that… Continue Reading →

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