Progress is a funny thing, you normally see it right after you think everything has gone wrong. As strange as it appears I think it is largely due to the fact that after things have gone pear shaped you tend to be looking for some inspiration from somewhere to help you keep going! That doesn’t mean the progress is not real, it is just that most weeks you are not reflecting on how things are going you are just busy getting on with it and it is not until you stop and take stock that you realise you have actually come quite far and your difficult week is just what you hoped it was, a small bump in the road.

That is exactly what has happened to me this week. I had a tough week, followed by a week of focus which led to a week of progress. I should emphasis that progress can often seem small and insignificant but it is progress none the less and that is how everyone reaches their goals. Literally by just putting one foot in front of the other everyday slowly taking a few steps at a time towards the goal. This week Giulio and I started to see some of the benefits of our hard work paying off, which was incredibly and I also recorded my very first Podcast which was great fun!

Recording a Podcast felt like a big event because it is something I have been thinking about for a long time. I love listening to Podcasts and I often think of discussions that I think would work better in audio rather than written in the blog. The most exciting part is going to be talking to other people though. We have some health and fitness professionals lined up but, most importantly, we want to talk to 4321 members working towards their goals. It is important to hear how non professionals find their health and fitness journey, discussing their successes and failures. Hopefully giving people an insight into what it takes to reach your goals. It is a really exciting project and one that I am incredibly passionate about!

I also recently launched my YouTube channel and both of these events have felt like real progress. I spent a lot of time over the last 2-3 years coming up with ideas and plans about what I would love to do, but that is how they stayed as ideas. Over the last few months though, things have really changed and there is much more action. In the past I have been guilty of not following through on plans. There have been lots of different reasons for this, sometimes it is time, sometimes it is fear and sometimes it is a lack of discipline to put in the work. However, I am now approaching every area of my life the way I approach my training with planning, commitment discipline and patience. Above anything else these are the key factors to success. It isn’t always easy to apply these behaviours to every area of life, but if I can, I know that I will reach all my goals.

Because of these small areas of progress and they are small because launching these new platforms is just the first small step. I now need to make sure I consistently deliver the most valuable content that I can and that I try to get people watching and listening. I won’t be easy and it will take time but I am focused and exciting about putting in the work. Let it never be said that I like to take it easy!

Look out for both Podcast and Youtube channel launching this month!

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