Staying focused is normally something I would talk about when things are not going well as that is usually when focus goes. When someone is not getting the results they want or they are finding it too difficult to build a routine their head can go down, they lose focus and discipline and motivation just start to disappear. However, this can also happen when things are going well, complacency sets in, people relax and ease off.

A couple of weeks ago I talked about the importance of momentum and how when you feel it you need to push harder and take advantage of it. That sounds like obvious advice but I mentioned it  because it is really easy to ease off a little when things start to go well leading to a lack of focus and potentially a lack of progress. There are a few reasons for this complacency and the leading one is an element of relief. When you are working so hard towards a goal it is tiring mentally and physically. It takes up a lot of your time and takes priority over other tasks. I know that whilst I am loving chasing my goals at the moment it doesn’t mean it is easy. I am often tired and under pressure trying to balance everything. Therefore, over the last couple of weeks I have been so relieved that my hard work is starting to pay off, and even though I am more motivated than ever to keep moving forward, there is also a temptation to relax just a little and take some pressure off. It is hard to keep working flat out all the time.

Aside from relief there is a danger of hitting a comfort zone too early. Change is uncomfortable so when you hit a milestone of some sort there is a temptation to rest there as the changes you have made feel so satisfying that the impetus to push forward isn’t there anymore. This is actually fine if you are happy where you are and your new goal is to just maintain. In business that is harder though. You can’t just coast in business, you have to keep pushing forward, hitting certain goals and putting your feet up doesn’t really work in the same way. It is not related to money, it is about the world constantly evolving and to survive your business must move with it. Standing still means you will get left behind.

I am trying to take my own advice this week and stay focused as I hit certain milestones. Last week was incredibly busy with Paolo’s birthday and a busy working week so it was very tempting to take my foot off the gas and just ease off with other aspects of work. It was not about motivation it was about feeling the relief, that we discussed, along with a certain sense of accomplishment I felt I could exhale fully and relax. I actually did rest more than usual as a result and enjoyed some family time but I was conscious that I didn’t want any complacency to creep in at the beginning of the week. I am big believer that Monday sets the tone for the week and I felt my focus was not as strong as it should be, which is what inspired this blog. I had to give myself a talking to and remind myself that it is ok to take a break and rest when needed but that focus has to stay strong, especially when things are going well. Otherwise I will lose that momentum that I built up and I will start to fall behind. I can’t do that and writing this blog has really helped reinforce the importance of staying on track no matter what. I hope it helps you do the same. Have a great week and never lose focus whether things are going well or not.

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