VIDEO: Workout 11 Week 11

Week 11 workout 11! Lets up the tempo now and push this workout to the absolute max! Check out the varying levels for each exercise, some exercises become single arm or single leg and in this instance split the time and do half each side. #4321lifestyle

Circuit 1: complete 60 seconds on each exercise.

Circuit 2: complete 50 seconds on each exercise.

Circuit 3: complete 40 seconds on each exercise.

Circuit 4: complete 30 seconds on each exercise.

Rest for 30 seconds at the end of each circuit.

High knees
Squat hold
Overhead toe touchers
Glute raise

Watch the video to view each exercise at each level and also use it for your warm up! Do not forget to stretch afterwards and LIKE the video on Facebook to get more points on the board!

The workouts follow the same format as The 4321 Method®’s Signature Collection. Workout 9 is arms, core and interval training, workout 10 is legs, core and interval training and workouts 11 and 12 are full body HIIT sessions. In week 9 you complete workouts 9, 10, 11 & 12 and repeat the same workouts in weeks 10, 11 & 12. The reason for this is to see the progression in each workout. Doing constantly different workouts has its benefits, but it is far more difficult to get to grips with each workout and to see how much you have improved. Following this programme leaves you feeling motivated and excited about continuing because you can see how far you have come!


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