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A New Year is the best possible time to set new goals! Some people may scoff at those that set New Years resolutions belittling them as fads or wishful thinking but they are missing one of the best opportunities for implementing change. A new year is the perfect time to evaluate where we are at in our life, look at what we may want to change and then take the initiative to do just that. These changes can be something fairly small to something utterly life changing. I am using the word change here but actually it is not all about changes it can also be about setting challenges, new benchmarks or finding ways to feel more fulfilled. Whatever goals you have for yourself, now is the time to take them on! I have been thinking about my goals a lot over the last few days and here is how I would like my 2018 to shape up…

In previous years I have had strong fitness goals, but this year my goals are far more business orientated. That does not mean my fitness goals do not exist but setting those goals is such a normal part of my routine and I want my 2018 goals to push me right out of my comfort zone. Challenging myself to push myself in the business world will do just that!

I am at a turning point in my business right now with things going very well for someone self employed, but I need to take it to the next level by turning The 4321 Method® from being a one man band into a successful business. This is the major goal for 2018! Achieving that is both exciting and scary as it means working differently, bringing on staff, increasing risk and relinquishing control of certain areas of the business. It also means working harder in different ways. Even writing this down makes me feel nervous! However, it also makes me feel more accountable, more focused and more determined to succeed. After all no one wants to reach 2019 and be disappointed by what they have accomplished over the past year!

Therefore, to make sure that does not happen I have set myself some tough targets. The end goals I wont share just at the moment but what I will share are the process goals I have set myself to help me get there. These goals are often even more important than the end goal. You see the final goal is impossible to achieve without having a process in place.

The challenge that I have set myself is to blog every single day, without exception! This is going to be difficult time wise but I think it is an important part of business in 2018. This goal stretches across both the Diary of a Fit Bird blog into The 4321 Method® page where I want to use this platform to bring members together. Again, this needs to happen daily. I have so much video content, recipes and information for both members and non members that I want to make sure I use both the blog and The 4321 Method® pages to their maximum to help as many people as possible in 2018!

Another important goal is to expand my team. I am looking to bring in at least 1 member of staff over the next couple of months. This might not sound like a big goal but actually it really is. I have been thinking about it for quite a while and due to the structure of the business, it is quite a big step for me but one that I think will help massively!

Finally, in 2018 the main process that I need to implement to help me reach my business goals is to take some risks. I have been moving steadily over the last few years and this has served me well, but it has also subsequently hindered me slightly as I have become more risk adverse. That is what happens when things are going quite well, it is harder to rock the boat. Not this year though! The only way to grow is to take some necessary risks and I am ready for it! Are you??

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