VIDEO: 6am workout 1-3-17

Who said Wednesday was the hump┬áday of the week, for 6am club members it simply means 3 workouts down…woohoo! ­čÖő­čĆ╗┬áThis workout features a few old faves like side lunges and ice skaters, but also brings in a new exercise called the back extension. The back extension can be tough on flexibility, but is a great strengthener for the traps, which lie in between the shoulder blades, and for the lower back. Really try to keep you hands on your head the whole time. This is important, but obviously if it is too tough, just get them as close as you can. Also, when it comes to arching your back off the floor, only go as high as your flexibility will allow, do not force it.

Also, with the ice skaters, no kid on jumps! Big leaps only, you know what I mean!

Today’s workout features:

Side lunges

Sit ups

Back extension

Ice skaters



Fit Bird

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