As a personal trainer, people were often asking me about how I lived my life. They wanted to know what I ate, how I trained and most importantly how I tried to fit it all round a busy life! I decided to start writing a weekly blog that gathered together all the ups and downs from my week mostly, so that everyone would know that it is not always plane sailing!


Just chilling, doing the splits!

I then started to introduce a weekly food blog that highlighted the type of food I like to eat regularly. Fresh, healthy, wholesome Italian food that I absolutely love! I did this because often people feel that healthy food is food that they are unfamiliar with, like the newest superfoods, but it does not have to be. It is so much simpler than that! Hurrah!


Beautiful fresh ingredients

Finally, the blog has evolved into what you see today. Advice, tricks, tips and fun along the way to help everyone lead a healthy lifestyle that does not dominate their life, but fits perfectly into. I hope you enjoy reading it and please stop by to say hello!

Fit bird