How long have you been on and off a diet? Would you say it has been most of your adult life? If so, this might be the right event for you! Our mission is to empower everyone to live diet free forever! A big claim indeed, but if you take just 2-3 minutes to read on you will understand why we are so passionate about this and why we believe we are truly able to offer something no one else does.

At The 4321 Method® we understand that eating healthily and training regularly sounds simple in theory, but applying this to everyday life is much harder. Therefore, to fulfil our mission of empowering everyone to live diet free forever, we must help you implement health and fitness into your daily life, building the body and the lifestyle you have always wanted. We want you to become the very best version of yourself, your number 1.

The Body Camp is completely unique, it is not a seminar or a bootcamp, it is a vibrant event that looks at real life scenarios and puts you in control of your success. It is perfect for beginners, anyone trying to get back to fitness or that constantly struggle to reach their goals. It is also a unique opportunity to work with three specialists in different areas and there will be plenty of opportunity to speak to each one on one.

How it works:

We split the whole group into three and each specialist works with a small group at a time. This allows us to make the experience far more personal and friendly. Over the 3 hours, each group will work with each specialist and there will be plenty of opportunity to speak to a specialist one on one, should there be something more specific that you want to discuss.

1. Body

Changing how our body looks and feels is generally the biggest motivation for any weight loss plan or regime change so therefore it is a clear priority.

The fitness industry talks a lot about fat loss, a six pack, strength, flexibility, endurance and mobility, but what do they really mean to us as individuals and are they all important? In this section we try to make sense of each of these terms and look at the connection between exercise, our body, our weight and how improving our body can positively impact our daily lives. This section is fairly active and is led by Nadia De Marco, personal trainer and founder of The 4321 Method® and together we will:

  1. Look at aesthetics including how to target specific areas, getting the look you want and the body shape.
  2. Understand the purpose of exercise, which includes looking at exercise for fat loss, to improve postural issues and learning how to live pain free.
  3. Intrinsic benefits of exercise from feeling stronger and fitter to being more in control.
  4. The positive impacts it can have on our mindset and lifestyle.
  5. Assessment of weak spots and how to improve them.

2. Mindset

Mindset is a key determinant of success. It may seem easier to simply exercise and eat better, but the real reason most fail to get results time and again is because it requires a change in mindset and very few people delve into this area. Here, it gets equal weight with exercise and nutrition. This section is led by Giulio Spella, who has a wealth of experience coaching Tennis players. The professional sporting industry is one that fully understands the importance of having the correct mindset in place and so using the same strategies he will:

  1. Help you outline your reasons for getting started.
  2. Gain clarity about what you really want and help you identify your long and short term goals.
  3. Take you through a process of understanding how reaching these goals will impact your daily life and therefore determine how important they are to you!
  4. Ensure you understand what it really takes to achieve these goals.
  5. Introduce techniques for building self belief and confidence.
  6. Formulate a plan, look into the execution of it and help you deal with the heady heights of success. We can fear success, big or small, so we need to plan for it!

3. Nutrition

Nutrition should be at the very heart of any health and fitness programme. It does not matter whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, hit a marathon PB or improve your health and well being, the secret to success is your nutrition. However, due to the vast amounts of information available and the complexity of some of the issues, nutrition can seem daunting and confusing for many us, therefore to tackle these issues head on and to help simplify the whole process, we have enlisted the help Alicia O’ Donnell and Sara Murphy. They will cover a wide range of nutritional topics including:

  1. Carbohydrates, fat and protein and how they should make up your diet.
  2. Food for fuel and for weight loss, including the similarities and differences.
  3. Supplementation, is it necessary?
  4. Yoyo diets.
  5. Food quality vs quantity.
  6. Understanding food labelling.
  7. The importance of hydration.

And finally…

We will finish with an energising, invigorating and fun group workout. The purpose of the workout is to bring together each part of the Body Camp and to leave everyone feeling motivated and excited about their new lifestyle.