RECIPE: Courgette Polpette

I love love love courgettes. I would consider it a real staple because it is tasty, versatile and generally inexpensive. Having said that, I do find it hard to get on board with courgetti, purely because I think there are just so many better ways to showcase this awesome vegetable. Take these courgette polpette as the perfect example! They are a fun and unique way to serve vegetables and bring some awesome flavour to the table. I made a pretty big batch and the men of the house devoured the lot of them that same day! High praise indeed from non veg lovers! You have to give them a go!

Courgette Polpette


Trying to serve vegetables in all different ways, including different shapes, can be a great way to get children to eat more vegetables. Even if they have tried that particular vegetable before and not liked it, they might be more willing to give it another go if it looks completely different!

Buon appetito,

Fit Bird

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