I would class “diet” food as any manufactured foods that are “low fat”, “calorie counted” or weight loss branded. These types of food have massively grown in popularity and, particularly in January, will be flying off the shelf yet I do not eat any of them and if you are serious about making long term changes I would advise that you do not either as whilst they do help you keep calories under control and can lead to weight loss they are not the best options and here is why.

The first and most important reason is health and these processed foods might be low calorie but they are far from healthy. They tend to be high in sugar, additives and preservatives. You only have to read the back of the pack to see this. Not only are they packed full of nonsense but they are also massively lacking in nutrition with very little essential vitamins and minerals. So instead of opting for a “low fat” flavoured yogurt instead opt for full fat natural yogurt or full fat greek yogurt and flavour it naturally with fruits, nuts and seeds. This will turn a snack full of additives and preservatives into a snack full of goodness! Plus, it will be far more filling!

There is also a negative mindset that comes with eating “diet” foods. There is a feeling of restriction associated with it and if we feel restricted in what we can and cannot eat then we get fed up with the process. Restriction also leads to dissatisfaction as we opt for what we think we should have instead of what we really want! Studies have shown that people often overeat when given the “diet” choices of foods because they are both dissatisfied with the taste and because they feel they are “allowed” to eat more due to the fact that they have made “diet” choices. This mindset is never going to get you the results you want.

Finally, and this is the big one for me, “diet” food does not taste nearly as good as real food. I eat fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and poultry because this type of food tastes the best!! I eat like this 80% of the time and when I want a treat, I have a proper treat! I eat exactly what I want, not the “diet” equivalent. Eating fresh, cooking fresh and still enjoying some treats with it is the best possible way to reach your goals in 2018. So put down all the shakes and “diet” branded foods and just get back to eating natural. I guarantee you will feel much better for it!

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