Life at the moment involves reaching the end of every single week and promising myself that the next week is going to be more productive. Therefore, every Sunday I set out the plan and get organised. The problem is that I put so much on my to do list that even just looking at it is stressing me out. I invariably just don’t look at it for the rest of the week knowing that even glancing it will lead to disappointment at the number of tasks I have not yet completed. This week I was trying to think of a better way to approach the situation and remembered an important piece of advice that I always give new 4321 members…“don’t go from 0-100”

Whenever someone new signs up to The 4321 Method® the first thing they stress about is trying to fit in four workouts a week. My advice is always simply not to do four sessions a week. You see if someone is struggling to find time to train, and most people I see are time poor, then finding four time slots for exercise is going to be a challenge and, just as I am doing with my to do list, it causes so much stress that they do none and try to put it to the back of their mind until I pop up and ask “how did this week go?”. Therefore, in week one I advise trying to find time for just two training sessions. This massively takes the pressure off and if they complete the two sessions they feel as though they have had a successful week instead of feeling disappointed for not dong four sessions. Then, as they continue to complete the two sessions each week we try to add in a third and then eventually a fourth training slot. That gradual build up really helps build a new lifestyle and allow people to feel positive about making changes.

Despite knowing the benefits of easing into a new routine, each week I have constantly been trying to plan for what I would call an optimum week, when instead I should be trying to add in tasks slowly and steadily, so that week to week I can work towards this ideal scenario. However, that is the plan this week! I am going to find time to do one or two tasks that I feel are important to my schedule and once I am in the routine of doing them again, I will add in some more. 

In addition to slowly building in tasks bit by bit, I am also not going to be so harsh on myself for not being where I want to be immediately, but instead feel good about the achievements and steps I have made. Again, this is a message I would constantly convey to 4321 members but is hard to take this advice on board myself. I regularly congratulate members for achieving two workouts a week when they started at zero and when they make small successful changes to their nutrition, but do not look so positively on my own accomplishments. So from now on I am going to look at every small step as a big accomplishment. Now this is not just an exercise in positivity, far from it, what I do know for sure is that success at weight loss, fitness, business or anything else only ever comes from doing the little things well day after day after day. 

So this week I am going to remind myself to do the little things well, not put too much pressure on myself to have everything in place immediately and if I can find consistency in my endeavours week after week I know I will get there. I just need to keep remembering not to go from 0-100

Fit Bird

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