Last week my food plan went almost perfectly with the smallest of hiccups ruining dinner on Wednesday night! On Wednesday I finished at 7.30pm and the plan was to come in, do a workout and then coat chicken in breadcrumbs all before Giulio arrived home at 9.30pm. Time ran away with me though and I did not start on the chicken until after 9.30pm at which time I realised it was definitely off!! It was still in date, but for whatever reason had turned. I decided to cook it though to minimise the smell in the bin and, before I knew it, it was after 10pm and we had no dinner. Tired after a long day and with a serious case of ‘hanger’ setting in, we both just opted to have toast. What a disappointment compared to the dinner I had planned! Hopefully, this week there wont be any similar issues. I have planned some chicken in breadcrumbs for the weekend to make up for the mid week disaster!

For breakfast, I have opted for overnight oats most weekdays this week because all my mornings, except for Monday, start early and are very long. Overnight oats will definitely keep me going and can be eaten on the run, if needed.  I have also started to have a square of dark chocolate as a snack as I have been enjoying a wee square with a cup of coffee in the afternoon.  Aside from those changes, it is all a fairly standard week for me.

On Saturday night, though, I am going to attempt to make my first sweet and sour chicken dish! I love Chinese food, but due to having a serious allergy to sesame seeds and sesame oil I rarely eat it and subsequently neither does Giulio. Therefore, for a change and a treat I decided to try a dish! I doubt it will be particularly healthy as most recipes I have found do use sugar in the recipe, but as a Saturday night treat I am not going to worry too much about it! Will let you know how I get on!

My food plan 10-6-17

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