As I said last week, it was great to get back to food planning and the immediate impact it had on my week was incredible. The most important factor was that it helped me get focused again after Christmas and New Year. Whilst January is normally known as “diet month” it can be tough to get straight back on track, but the food plan really helped! I felt as though I was straight back into the swing of things and it felt really good to be eating healthily again.

This week I have more meals out than normal, but I am not too worried about it as none of them are big meals. There will be no alcohol involved and I think it will be pretty easy to make healthy choices. Aside from that I am back on the soup again this week, mostly because next week is forecast to be pretty cold in Glasgow so soup is always a welcome option at this time of year! You might notice that I am planning on eating some fish this week as well, which is quite unusual in my food plan. I absolutely love fish and would eat any type, but as Giulio doesn’t like it I tend not to make it opting instead for a meal that we can both have. However, I do miss it and I also know how good it is for you so I am going to try and factor more into my diet in 2018. At the moment I have not specified what fish I will have I will just decide when I get to the supermarket. Snacks are staying the same at the moment as I am really enjoying them. Normally, I enjoy a square of dark chocolate or even enjoy mixing snacks up a little but I am happy with them so why change!

Above all else I am very much looking forward to a second week of being back on track and building up some consistency in 2018!

Fit Bird.

My Food Plan 13-1-18


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