Another good week last week, both with training and food plan. Everything went as planned and feeling back up to full fitness, which is great. Some days I am training more than normal because I am still filming new material and on those days I do feel like I need to eat more. To accommodate for this I have some oatcakes or add in extra carbs to my meals. I have not written all this in the food plan as I just adjust as and when is needed.

It is really important that you eat for your output level. On training days plan to eat a little more than on non training days, plus try to eat a carb meal post workout. Also, if you do a sedentary job then you will need less carbs throughout your day than someone that is doing physical work. At the moment I am training more than normal, so I need to adjust my eating to make sure I have enough energy.

Giulio recently moved from a fairly sedentary job to full time tennis coaching increasing his daily energy output massively. Subsequently, he has also altered his diet to make sure he has enough energy to put in the hours on the court. He really has to have plenty of carbs at every single meal at the moment. Therefore, when doing your food plan think about your day, how active you will be and how often you will be able to refuel. Always build your plan to suit your needs.

Fit Bird.

Food plan 16-9-17


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