I have got to say I am so delighted to be doing a proper food plan this week and to get back into a routine! After falling ill last week when I got back from holiday, I just did not have the desire to think about food last weekend and subsequently have been playing catch up all week! Whilst food choices were still pretty healthy, I kept having to go to the shops to pick up ingredients costing me time and money!

Next week I have an incredibly busy week so I have absolutely no time to mess about! Food needs to be planned and prepped well, to make life as easy as possible. I have picked dishes that are pretty easy to prep for this reason and have also planned light meals for the evenings as I finish work very late a few nights this week.

I have said this before but I cannot stress how much easier I find life with a proper food plan! It makes my working week run so much smoother and I also end up eating food that I really enjoy, whereas when I eat on the hop I am always patching meals together that taste just ok! I love meal times so it is important to me to have food that I love! So here’s to a smooth, organised and busy week ahead. Lets do this!

Fit Bird.

My Food Plan 2-9-17


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