I enjoyed a little time off last week so food plan was later than expected and not as strict as it would normally be. Holiday mode is off though so it is back to my regular schedule. There is nothing too different in this food plan,  I have kept it pretty simple as I do have a very busy week next week!

I have started to have fruit, mostly apple, chopped and mixed with greek yogurt as a snack. Aside from the fact that it tastes great, I also like that it takes a bit of time to eat. This can be an important aspect of a snack as when it is over with too quickly we tend to go looking for something else. I have been struggling more than normal with snacks and feel as though I am having to fight temptation more than usual so I am hoping this will help! When something is not working, it is important to make changes to address the issue.

Also, recently, with such a busy schedule I have been unable to play about with any new recipes so I am hoping to start building some in over the next few weeks. I really enjoy trying new recipes and finding new dishes that I can add to my weekly plan, but it can be time consuming so I need to plan it! I will, of course, keep you posted!

Fit Bird.

My food plan 21-10-17


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