So what is on the menu this week? I am glad you asked! Plenty of great healthy, hearty and, most importantly, tasty food! Changing your diet is tough so you have to make sure that you enjoy the food you are eating. It can take some work and involves you trying new foods and new recipes but it is worth taking the time to do it right. Home cooked food is always going to be the best for you, but if time is a factor and it normally is, there are lots of ways you can speed it up!

Firstly, following a recipe does not necessarily mean a dish is time consuming or complicated. Many of the recipes on my page and in so many cookbooks are quick and simple dishes to try. You can also buy veg or chicken ready chopped, which is a massive time saver. Plus, my favourite tip of all, batch cooking! Anyone, that regularly reads my food plan knows that this is my favourite time saver. I prep and plan ahead of time so that day to day all I have to do is reheat!!

As you can see this week I have followed the same pattern. Each lunch and dinner covers at least 2 days, which for me is actually not that long. Optimally, I get 4 days out of one dish!! That is efficient! This week is not as packed with late finishes from work though so I can afford a little more time in the kitchen, which is why there is more variety than in recent weeks. Have a look and if you have any questions just let me know!

Fit Bird.

My food plan 22-7-17

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