Some weeks I find the food plan easier than others and this week had to be one of the easiest! I am away over the weekend so will not be doing any food planning. I am simply going to enjoy my time away and not worry about a thing! I cannot wait!

However, due to being away I will not be able to do much food prep for the week ahead so I wanted to keep the rest of the week as simple as possible! On paper it looks very boring and it may well be, but my priority this week was to keep my shopping list as small as possible, to make dishes that I find quick and easy and to also keep meals light after what is likely to be a weekend of some extra treats. This food plan ticks all those boxes and works well for me this week. A good food plan should fit around your week and make it easier, not more difficult.

Just a quick note on last week, my chicken and vegetable couscous was absolutely amazing! Giulio and I both really enjoyed and it will most definitely become one of our regular lunches. I want to make it again before posting the recipe just to take better note of the quantities of each ingredient. I will do this next week so that you guys can try it and enjoy it over the summer period! You will love it!

Food plan 24-6-17

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