I am excited to say that this week’s food plan features a new dish, chorizo, chilli and chickpea casserole! It is not one of mine I found it in a recipe book and I have neither made it before nor tried it! I simply saw the recipe, thought it looked tasty, and as it looks pretty easy to prepare, I figured I would give it a go. I have planned to batch cook it for 3 days lunch, which is a risky move given that it may not turn out as I hoped, but fingers crossed it all goes to plan.

I will argue that eating chorizo 3 days in a row is probably not ideal either, given that is pretty high in calories, but the plan here is to reduce the ratio of chorizo and increase the ratio of chickpeas and other vegetables, therefore minimising how much chorizo I will actually eat. Plus, chickpeas themselves are incredibly filling and packed full of protein so even with reducing the chorizo I am quite sure the dish will be filling enough. I will let you know how it goes and, if it is a success, I will share the recipe and its source, so you too can enjoy it.

The rest of my food plan is pretty standard, keeping it high in protein and, of course, vegetables. It is so important to make sure that vegetables make up the bulk of your main meals. They help with getting good nutrition into your body, they make your meals more filling and they massively assist with weight loss. If there is one piece of advice I would want you to take away from these food plans is to add more vegetables to your meals.

Fit Bird.

My Food Plan 27-1-18


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