A busy week ahead at DOAFB HQ with lots of new blog ideas finally being put into place, lots of one to one sessions to deliver and a big night out on Friday! As always the key to staying on track during this kind of week is to be well organised and that starts with the food plan.

The weekend is always fairly easy to plan as I tend to just opt for what I feel like eating, but during the week takes a little more consideration looking at what nights I finish late and what days I have some time in the afternoon to cook. This week there are a lot of late finishes so I am going to make a big pot of Italian butternut squash soup, simple and quick to reheat when I finish a long day. Last week, my snacks worked well at keeping me satisfied so I am just keeping them exactly the same.

The only real area of concern is Friday night. I have a rare big night out so that will inevitably involve a few drinks. I am not concerned about having a few drinks as this is not a weekly occurrence, but I do need to manage the next day. For me a night out drinking can lead to a very calorific post night out splurge and this is what I want to avoid. In a way this is more of a concern for my next food plan as I try to plan a suitable Saturday, but it was definitely on my mind as I set this plan out. I would say that I just wont drink too much, but I am such a lightweight that even a couple of drinks can leave me feeling a little tender the next day! Make sure you check out next weeks food plan to see how I manage it!

Fit Bird.

My Food Plan 28-10-17



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