So the first thing we need to discuss this week is the absolute triumph that was my chorizo, chilli and chickpea casserole! I have referred to it as mine but to be honest I simply copied the recipe! It was absolutely delicious and so incredibly simple to make that Giulio and I both decided that it should become a regular dish in the De Marco/Spella household. I could not find an online link to the recipe, as I got it from a book (how old school), but I will write it up and post it online for you as soon as I can. You need to try it as I have not doubt that it will become a family favourite.

This week, there are no new dishes on the menu simply because I have absolutely no time! It is a busier week than normal given that I am squeezing 5 days work into 3 and a half! Partly due to a funeral on Monday morning, which will be a sad day, but then the week picks up as I head to Vienna for a long weekend. Due to this, I am keeping the food plan as simple as possible, which you will see!

I am also out a lot this weekend including celebrating my two year wedding anniversary! Whilst so many meals out is not ideal before a weekend away, it is jus the way it has worked out so I am planning on enjoying myself and simply making sure that my diet is 100% on point at every other opportunity throughout the week. Plus, I wont be drinking at all, which definitely helps! I will talk a little more about this as the weeks go on and how I have adopted my diet for pregnancy.

Fit Bird.

My Food Plan 3-2-18


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