Just before we get into the food plan this week, I should say that that there will be no food plan posted next week as I will be on my holidays! Yay!!!! This is also the reason why my Friday dinner time reads “Using leftover food”. I will just use up what is in the fridge pre holiday or, if there is nothing, I will pick up something that evening. The other news is that this is the last food plan of the 4321 challenge and I do hope that those that participated felt the benefit of planning their food throughout the 12 weeks.

Anyway, looking ahead to the week, the biggest change is that I am back to having oatcakes as a snack some days. At the moment I am training incredibly hard because I am filming my new Master Series training videos and it makes sense to film as many as possible at one time. Therefore, on these training days I find I need a hearty snack to fill me up. I haven’t written in the topping as will just see what I feel like on the day but it will likely be banana or tuna and cucumber.

Aside from that change meals are fairly standard having my hearty meal in the afternoon to keep me going well into the evening and a lighter dinner, normally carb free, during the week as I am normally eating late. Even though I am going on holiday next week, there has been no real change to my regime. I am not looking to lose more weight pre holiday, although I might need to tighten things up on my return! I will just see how things go on holiday. I normally eat and drink a bit more than normal, but I do not particularly enjoy over eating every day or eating a lot of junk, it just makes me feel rubbish. Therefore, post holiday I will likely just get back into my regular routine but will keep you posted!!

Fit Bird.

My Food Plan 5-8-17

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