It is fair to say that I have never looked forward to doing a food plan more in my entire personal training career! I am going to level with you and say that I found this festive season the hardest to manage in a long time. At first I couldn’t understand why I was finding it so difficult to stay on track until I realised that it was because the past few years Giulio and I have not hosted anything at our house therefore we did not have to contend with leftovers, excess alcohol and copious boxes of biscuits and chocolate! When all you see is a fridge packed full of your favourite foods and the cupboards fully stocked it is incredibly hard to stay on the straight and narrow. However, we did have an absolutely great time so I am not in the least bit upset about it.

With that being said I am very much looking forward to getting back on track, food planning, cooking and making sure I eat plenty of vegetables! Indulging is enjoyable for a period of time but after a short period of time it does start to affect my energy levels, my concentration and, of course, my waistline! This week then it is back to basics. The food plan is full of hearty meals, packed with good nutrition and simple to put together. As you know this is my favourite kind of meal plan!

You will notice that there is still a tasty weekend treat and a lunch out on Sunday (although this will be more a bite to eat and less of a big lunch out) as the plan is just to go back to normal. The aim is not to suddenly diet or go to extremes, it is just about eating healthy, hearty, home cooked meals and as anyone that follows the blog knows that is pretty standard for me! If you can manage the same in 2018 you will be on the right track

Fit Bird.

Food plan 6-1-18


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