Recipe: Healthy Potato Lasagne

Try as I might I could not get a good picture of this dish! Turns out, lasagne is not one of the most elegant dishes to try and picture, but believe me when I say it tasted awesome! It genuinely tastes every bit as good as a traditional lasagne and coming from an Italian household that does appreciate their classic dishes being messed with that is really something! Other than using potatoes for the pasta (which I only did out of interest to see how it tasted) Giulio did not know that I had not used a traditional béchamel sauce. Even better, I had actually used cauliflower which he usually hates! Not today though!

This lasagne is also every bit as hearty as the original and will still be a massive crowd pleaser with the family, with the added benefit of being able to sneak in some extra veg without the kids knowing! There is still cheese in this dish but only 100g for 6-8 portions so it is not a lot! Also, like a traditional lasagne it does take a bit of prep, so you might not whip it up every week night, but is a great dish to batch cook and freeze or to eat throughout the week!

Healthy Potato Lasagne

Buon appetito,

Fit Bird

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