For anyone that follows the blog regularly you will know the type of food that I enjoy has a big mediterranean influence, largely because this is the type of food I enjoyed growing up in an Italian family. Food in my family has always been fresh, classic and utilising simple ingredients, pretty much everything that Italian cooking is about. Subsequently, this is now how I cook and, fortunately, this style of cooking is also incredibly healthy!

I have said before that Italian food can get a bad reputation for being unhealthy as most people heavily associate it with high carb and, therefore, high calorie foods such as pasta, pizza and risotto. Whilst, of course, these dishes are clearly very Italian, it is wrong to say that the mediterranean diet is unhealthy. Not only can you find a way to enjoy these foods as part of a healthy balanced diet, but there is also so much more to Italian cooking. It is a diet that is also rich in fish, meat and vegetables, plus Italians are incredibly passionate about making everything fresh keeping heavily processed and junk food to an absolute minimum. What could be healthier than that?

I have been indulging in my passion for a while, but truth be told my cooking knowledge is very limited so I have been looking for a way to expand the blog and continue to bring readers simple, everyday family recipes. Then it hit me, why don’t I go to my family and get the recipes direct from them! So that is exactly what I am going to do! Starting with my own wonderful mum, obviously, to bring you the first family recipe and then going forward I will bring together recipes from my extended friends and family. The dishes will be heavily Italian influenced, but I am also excited to bring you some variety getting homemade recipes from my Greek sister in law, as well as traditional Indian and Chinese dishes from friends of mine that are equally passionate about food from their culture.

I cannot describe how excited I am about this development. As well as bringing you some awesome recipes and improving the blog, which is something I am always looking to do, I also get to learn how to make a variety of different dishes and, most importantly, get to enjoy them with friends and family! I am not 100% sure that I can class this as work, it is going to be so much fun!

I really hope you will enjoy the series of recipes coming up, the first of which will be posted tomorrow! Join me and my mum in making my Nonna’s Carne e Patate (Italian Meat and Potatoes).

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