I absolutely love pearl barley, but had previously really only used it in soups. As I was browsing some recipe ideas online I noticed that the great Antonio Carluccio used it as a risotto, not for health reasons I might add, just for flavour. It is, however, also a healthy alternative to rice. Pearl barley is packed full of fibre, helps lower cholesterol and brings a variety of vitamins and minerals to the party, including selenium and magnesium. Most importantly though, it tastes so good! It gives the risotto a real bite and a nutty flavour. It is well worth a try!



I am not normally a big fan of substituting food groups and kidding on they are the same as the original. In my opinion courgetti is fooling no one! However, in this case, the pearl barley arguably tastes better than rice and is more filling too. The only issue with this dish is trying not to have too big a portion!!

Buon appetito,

Fit Bird

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