Lentils and sausages are quite a classic combination from Umbria. They can be served on their own or mixed with Farro, another regional ingredient. However, today I mixed it with pearl barley. It is a more common ingredient in households (well in mine at least) and makes for a delicious alternative. I also must confess that other than when making lentil soup, lentils are an ingredient that I do not work with too often, therefore I was unsure of how this dish would turn out. I could not have been more delighted with the results though! It was delicious, hearty and incredibly comforting on these cold winter nights. I know for sure that this will become a regular feature in our household!

Sausage, Green Lentils & Pearl Barley


Just a brief word on sausages. They have a bad reputation for being fatty and calorific. This can be true, but does not have to be! I deliberately selected good quality, lean pork sausages and I would recommend you do the same. Check out all the packs that are available and you will have nothing to worry about! There are a lot of good quality sausages available now. Also, you could check out the handmade pork sausages recipe to make them even more healthy!

Buon appetito,

Fit Bird

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