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My Food Plan 24-6-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 24-6-17 Some weeks I find the food plan easier than others and this week had to be one of the easiest! I am away over the weekend so will not be doing any food planning. I… Continue Reading →

4321 Exercise of the Week: Mountain Climbers with Plank Jump

Mountain Climbers with Plank Jump This week we are combining two quite difficult exercises to make one extra difficult 4321 exercise of the week! The two exercises we are putting together are mountain climbers and plank jumps. This combination not only… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 17-6-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 17-6-17   Last week was pretty uneventful which is good news when comes to sticking to my food plan! I was going to try and make sweet and sour chicken on Saturday night but we ended… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 10-6-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 10-6-17   Last week my food plan went almost perfectly with the smallest of hiccups ruining dinner on Wednesday night! On Wednesday I finished at 7.30pm and the plan was to come in, do a workout and… Continue Reading →

Healthy Potato Lasagne

Recipe: Healthy Potato Lasagne Try as I might I could not get a good picture of this dish! Turns out, lasagne is not one of the most elegant dishes to try and picture, but believe me when I say it tasted… Continue Reading →

Article: Week 1 and what we can learn from it

Week 1 and what we can learn from it As week 1 of the 4321 12 week challenge is coming to an end, I thought this was the perfect time to look into what happens when you start a new… Continue Reading →

My food plan 20-5-17

For some of you this may be the first time you have looked at my food plan so let me put some context behind it. Each week I make a food plan for a few different reasons. I find it… Continue Reading →

Egg Frittata with Feta & Courgette

Recipe: Egg Frittata with Feta & Courgette A frittata is similar to an omelette. They differ slightly in how you cook them and a frittata tends to be thicker and stuffed with filling.  If you like an omelette though you are… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Lamb Kofta Curry

Recipe: Lamb Kofta Curry I love a good curry, but it is not something that I cook very often. I am not very familiar with all the spices and so always feel a bit out of my depth. However, I found a… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 6-5-17

I would say last week went pretty much to plan! Was at a fantastic wedding on Saturday night which I very much enjoyed and the rest of the week went as I had hoped. With health and fitness, some weeks… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers is a dish that I very much associate with my Nonna as they were a regular feature at Sunday dinners. I have always absolutely loved them, but do not make them as often as I should! Trying to… Continue Reading →

6am workout 24-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout  24-4-17   Monday always comes back around very quickly, but why not kick off the week in the best possible way with this HIIT workout. It will only take 5 minutes! Today’s workout features a couple of… Continue Reading →

My food plan 22-4-17

  Well chocolate gate last week went almost as well as I had hoped. I did enjoy my dessert (a beautiful homemade apple pie) and a little Easter chocolate on Sunday, plus as lunch was pretty big, it meant I… Continue Reading →

6am workout 13-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout  13-4-17 This workout is slightly different to all the others because it only features 2 exercises, sprints and squats. Instead of doing each 4 times, you will do each 8 times. The real reason for doing it… Continue Reading →

6am workout 10-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout  10-4-17 Monday’s workout is a MUST to help kick start a good week! Kick it off then with this short sharp workout and you will feel great! The new exercise today is the side plank with leg… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Turkey Burgers

Recipe: Turkey Burgers I am playing slightly fast and loose with the word recipe here! This dish is so incredibly simple and involves such few ingredients that I really should not class it as a “recipe”. However, I really wanted… Continue Reading →

My food plan 8-4-17

Last week I tried a lot of new dishes (most of which went well) because I had the time, but this week I have kept things very simple! Every meal is what you would call a classic dinner including chilli,… Continue Reading →

6am workout 6-4-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 6-4-17 Today’s workout is a tough one and features a couple of new exercises. The 4 point jumps are fairly easy to get to grips with, but the lat pull down (body weight) is a bit more… Continue Reading →

Article: An Emotional Week

Article: An Emotional Week Being a personal trainer is a job that can bring many highs, moments of great achievements and huge amounts of job satisfaction. However, it can also be incredibly frustrating, disappointing and physically and emotionally exhausting. I… Continue Reading →

6am workout 30-3-17

VIDEO: 6am workout  30-3-17 Let’s smash this workout today! The plank jumps and the scaled straight bridge are what we will be zoning in on today. For the plank jumps, jump the feet out wide and then jump the knees… Continue Reading →

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