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Mindful Eating: What is it and why is it so important?

The rise of convenience food, eating on the run and the accessibility of snacking has led to an increase in mindless eating. That is eating without being fully aware of what we are putting in our mouth. We can consume,… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 6-1-18

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 6-1-18 It is fair to say that I have never looked forward to doing a food plan more in my entire personal training career! I am going to level with you and say that I found… Continue Reading →

What I learn from every workout

Diary Entry: What I learn from every workout On the surface the benefits of a workout seem pretty straight forward. It helps us burn calories, increases our energy levels and improves our all round fitness. However, what I have learnt over… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 21-10-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 21-10-17 I enjoyed a little time off last week so food plan was later than expected and not as strict as it would normally be. Holiday mode is off though so it is back to my… Continue Reading →

Key factors that helped me succeed

ARTICLE: Key factors that helped me succeed Eating well and training for a set period of time is something that many people can manage, particularly if there is a set target to work towards like a wedding or big birthday…. Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 5-8-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 5-8-17 Just before we get into the food plan this week, I should say that that there will be no food plan posted next week as I will be on my holidays! Yay!!!! This is also… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 29-7-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 29-7-17   A busy weekend ahead, which I am really looking forward to! A lot of people I train get nervous or worried about socialising because they think it will knock them off track, which I… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Chicken & Vegetable Couscous

Recipe: Chicken & Vegetable Couscous   This dish is fast becoming a favourite in the De Marco/Spella household! It makes for an awesome packed lunch as it is tasty hot or cold, is perfectly balanced with carbs, protein, fat and… Continue Reading →

4321 Exercise of the Week: Advanced Sit Ups

Advanced Sit Ups Sit ups are always a popular ab exercise, but after a while they can become pretty straight forward and often we can end up doing large sets of them to keep the difficulty level up. Well there… Continue Reading →

4321 Challenge- Leader Board Week 8!

ARTICLE: 4321 Challenge-Leader Board 8 weeks of the 12 week 4321 Challenge have now been completed so it is the perfect time to check how the competition is lining up and give everyone a push for the final 4 weeks!… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 1-7-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 1-7-17 I do believe that simplicity is the key to success with everything and I am finding that keeping my food plan as simple as possible has been such a key to my weight being as… Continue Reading →

Long days & light nights

ARTICLE: Long days & light nights During the week the longest day passed over us and unfortunately that means shorter days are on the horizon. This is not something I normally worry too much about, but this year the thought of… Continue Reading →

4321 Exercise of the Week: Mountain Climbers with Plank Jump

Mountain Climbers with Plank Jump This week we are combining two quite difficult exercises to make one extra difficult 4321 exercise of the week! The two exercises we are putting together are mountain climbers and plank jumps. This combination not only… Continue Reading →

Everything is Within Your Control

ARTICLE: Everything is within your control It is sometimes difficult to fully appreciate that we are in total control of the results we get. We often feel like we are coerced into making certain choices or that we are limited in… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 17-6-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 17-6-17   Last week was pretty uneventful which is good news when comes to sticking to my food plan! I was going to try and make sweet and sour chicken on Saturday night but we ended… Continue Reading →

Healthy Potato Lasagne

Recipe: Healthy Potato Lasagne Try as I might I could not get a good picture of this dish! Turns out, lasagne is not one of the most elegant dishes to try and picture, but believe me when I say it tasted… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 27-5-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN Food planning last week went very well, too well in fact, and I found that food was bursting out my fridge! Therefore, this week’s food plan has been designed to use up the food that was left over!… Continue Reading →

Egg Frittata with Feta & Courgette

Recipe: Egg Frittata with Feta & Courgette A frittata is similar to an omelette. They differ slightly in how you cook them and a frittata tends to be thicker and stuffed with filling.  If you like an omelette though you are… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Lamb Kofta Curry

Recipe: Lamb Kofta Curry I love a good curry, but it is not something that I cook very often. I am not very familiar with all the spices and so always feel a bit out of my depth. However, I found a… Continue Reading →

Hand-made Skinless Sausages and Peperonata

This weeks dish allows you to enjoy classic Italian sausages, but with far less fat! I use minced pork (as advised by Mr Antonio Carluccio) and just some seasoning. That is it! To make the sausages alone took less than… Continue Reading →

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