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Top tips for 2018!

ARTICLE: TOP TIPS FOR 2018! Here are some top tips for helping you reach your health and fitness goals in 2018. I have split them into dieting and exercise because each involves a different approach and also because each of… Continue Reading →

My Food Plan 4-11-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 4-11-17   An exciting week and weekend ahead at Diary of a Fit Bird HQ as I am adding a new feature! As of next week, I will be posting recipes straight from the heart of… Continue Reading →

Key factors that helped me succeed

ARTICLE: Key factors that helped me succeed Eating well and training for a set period of time is something that many people can manage, particularly if there is a set target to work towards like a wedding or big birthday…. Continue Reading →

Avoid the Monday Dread!

ARTICLE: How to avoid the Monday dread! So it’s back to Monday, back to work, back to uni, back on the school run and back to the gym. Oooft! What a day! Along with the Sunday night fear, Monday morning… Continue Reading →

4321 Exercise of the Week: Plank Climb to Press

Plank Climb to Press A good tip to make any exercise more difficult is to combine it with another in the same move! That is exactly what I did for last weeks 4321 exercise of the week by combining the… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Lamb Kofta Curry

Recipe: Lamb Kofta Curry I love a good curry, but it is not something that I cook very often. I am not very familiar with all the spices and so always feel a bit out of my depth. However, I found a… Continue Reading →

4321 Exercise of the Week: V hold

V hold The V hold is not as technical as some of the other 4321 exercises of the week, but do not let its simplicity fool you, it is a very difficult core exercise! Doing the v hold is an excellent… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Italian Butternut Squash Soup

Recipe: Italian Butternut Squash Soup I have to confess that soup is not one of my big food loves. I do not dislike it, but I would not say it is something that particularly excites me! However, I regularly make… Continue Reading →

6am workout 29-3-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 29-3-17 Today’s workout works the whole of the posterior chain, what do I mean by that? It works all the muscles in the back of your body, which is very important because a lot of the time… Continue Reading →

6am workout 28-3-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 28-3-17 Tuesday’s workout features a few exercises that you will be getting familiar with, however the lat pull down with the towel is one that sometimes causes a few issues, so let’s have a look at that… Continue Reading →

Article: Change Perspective

I have set a number of very big fitness goals over the last 6 months that involve single arm press ups, being able to do a minimum of 5 pull ups, getting more fluid with my prisoner squats and learning… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Salmon Fishcakes

  I always enjoy fishcakes, but have previously only ever bought them or had them in a restaurant. Particularly, with shop bought fishcakes, I would always suspect that the ratio of potato to fish would be heavily weighted in favour… Continue Reading →

6am workout 22-3-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 22-3-17   On paper this looks like a simple workout, but do not let it deceive you as the squats are more complicated than they look! Every 3 reps we pause and hold at the bottom of… Continue Reading →

6am workout 21-3-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 21-3-17 Flutter kicks make their first appearance in the 6am workouts this morning! It is quite an advanced core exercise so here are some tips to help you out and help you find the level that is… Continue Reading →

6am workout 14-3-17

VIDEO: 6am workout  14-3-17   It is time for your second workout of the week (remember the magic number is 4)! There are no new exercises today, but the double crunch has only featured once or twice, so I want… Continue Reading →

4321 Exercise of the Week: Froggers

Froggers As many of you will know, we post the previous exercise of the week from The 4321 Method® every Monday. Last week, we featured froggers and I think it is one you are going to like. It is not… Continue Reading →

My food plan 3-3-17

It is that time of the week again, food plan time! I am really enjoying doing these food plans every single week. It is giving me a good focus during the week, definitely reducing unwanted grazing and making my weekly… Continue Reading →

4321 Exercise of the week 20-2-17

As many of you will know, we post the previous exercise of the week from The 4321 Method® every Monday. The exercise of the week for 20-2-17 was a plank with leg rotation. It is not the most difficult one we… Continue Reading →

6am workout 8-2-17

VIDEO: 6am workout 8-2-17 Single leg squats and tricep dips make an appearance again today! Single leg squats can be awkward, particularly in placing that back foot on the chair. I like to place it flat down (as shown in image)… Continue Reading →

Pollo al Sugo

It is tough to make Pollo al Sugo look good in a picture, but believe me when I say it is awesome! This combination, not only makes a tasty chicken dish, but also makes the best pasta sauce! Trust me… Continue Reading →

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