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My Food Plan 7-10-17

ARTICLE: MY FOOD PLAN 7-10-17 This week there was a very real struggle with portion sizes! As I have recently discussed I had increased my carbs portions slightly at each meal and included a heartier snack every single day as… Continue Reading →

Key factors that helped me succeed

ARTICLE: Key factors that helped me succeed Eating well and training for a set period of time is something that many people can manage, particularly if there is a set target to work towards like a wedding or big birthday…. Continue Reading →

The Holiday Workout!

I am unbelievably excited to tell you that this week I am off on my holidays! Sun, sea, sand and sangria here I come! I always look forward to holidays so much, no matter where I am going or what… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Super Green Risotto

Recipe: Super Green Risotto   As you know I love all Italian food and am particularly fond of the classics, pasta, pizza and risotto, all of which get a very bad rep for being unhealthy these days. It is not… Continue Reading →

What Are You Working Towards?

ARTICLE: What are you working towards? We are just coming to the end of week 2 of the 12 week challenge and so I thought it was good time to talk about what you really want to achieve by the end… Continue Reading →

Hand-made Skinless Sausages and Peperonata

This weeks dish allows you to enjoy classic Italian sausages, but with far less fat! I use minced pork (as advised by Mr Antonio Carluccio) and just some seasoning. That is it! To make the sausages alone took less than… Continue Reading →

My food plan 15-4-17

  This weekend is going to be a tough one to navigate with so much chocolate everywhere! I would love to say that I have enough will power to not have any at all, but I do not think that… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Italian Butternut Squash Soup

Recipe: Italian Butternut Squash Soup I have to confess that soup is not one of my big food loves. I do not dislike it, but I would not say it is something that particularly excites me! However, I regularly make… Continue Reading →

My food plan 24-2-17

Back on the food plan this week, holiday is over! I was away for a long weekend in Milan and it was absolutely awesome! The food in particular was unbelievable and please believe that when I am away there is… Continue Reading →

Pollo al Sugo

It is tough to make Pollo al Sugo look good in a picture, but believe me when I say it is awesome! This combination, not only makes a tasty chicken dish, but also makes the best pasta sauce! Trust me… Continue Reading →

Loving winter colours!

We eat as much with our eyes as we do our mouth so this mix of roasted veggies is a delight for both! I have not posted a full recipe because it is so simple I do not think I… Continue Reading →

Recipe: Vegetarian Sausages

I became a fan of vegetarian sausages by chance. I am not a vegetarian, but was looking for breakfast options and decided to try some vegetarian sausages that my mum had in the house. They tasted really good, plus gave… Continue Reading →

Food plan week beginning 4-2-17

Blog: My food plan week 4-2-17 Friday now means food plan day! What a way to start the weekend lol! The only reason Friday is food plan day is simply because I do my shopping either on a Friday afternoon… Continue Reading →

Cooking, how I learned to love it!

Growing up in an Italian family, I was surrounded by amazing cooks and food was always a huge part of our family life, particularly when it came to big family occasions. My Nonna (grandmother) really brought out the big guns… Continue Reading →

6am workout 1-2-17

VIDEO: 6am workout  1-2-17 Front and back lunges are a firm favourite of mine, but perhaps less of a favourite for the 4321 Members and those that regularly follow the 6am workouts. They are a simple movement but are incredibly effective!… Continue Reading →

How I keep going every single day

How I keep going every single day The thought of training regularly and eating well every single day seems like a daunting task, even for me, someone that enjoys both of those endeavours. I think it is because it sounds like… Continue Reading →

Food plan week beginning 28-1-17

Blog: My food plan in context As some of you will know, I normally post my food plan on Facebook and other social media outlets with a brief background. I think any food plan should always be placed into context based around… Continue Reading →

Oven Baked Parmesan Chicken Bites

These chicken bites just make me so happy! Eating them feels like I am 13 again and enjoying my favourite chicken nuggets from THAT fast food restaurant. This time though, there is far less saturated fat, E numbers, salt and… Continue Reading →

Sausage, Green Lentils & Pearl Barley

Lentils and sausages are quite a classic combination from Umbria. They can be served on their own or mixed with Farro, another regional ingredient. However, today I mixed it with pearl barley. It is a more common ingredient in households… Continue Reading →

How to take control of your success

Being successful at anything, from health and fitness to our career, is a complicated and ever evolving process that is often affected by circumstances out with our control. These external factors are hugely frustrating because they may hold us back… Continue Reading →

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