I am unbelievably excited to tell you that this week I am off on my holidays! Sun, sea, sand and sangria here I come! I always look forward to holidays so much, no matter where I am going or what I am doing, I just love doing something different. I also love, love, love the sunshine so after this poor summer I am particularly looking forward to getting away to the sun! Anyway, I do actually have a purpose for this blog other than just going on about going away! Every year people ask me what I am going to do training wise on holiday and if, in fact, I will train at all, so I thought I would let you know!

Every holiday I have whether abroad or at home I always train. However, I also always take a break from my usual routine, mix up my training and try to take the intensity down a notch. There are a few reasons for this but the biggest reason is that it is good for the body to have what is called a deload week. This is where you significantly reduce your training and, in some cases, stop altogether in order to give your muscles some time to recover. Normally 2-3 rest days a week is enough for the body to recover, but if you train regularly and continually push yourself it can be a good idea to take a more significant rest period every now and again to let the body repair and refresh. Athletes, for example, tend to have an off season where they rest and recuperate before heading back for pre season training.

During this holiday, more than ever, I feel as though I need a rest week as the last 6 weeks I have been training incredibly hard. I have been continually filming new programmes and as I film 3-4 videos in a day for efficiency, it is starting to take its toll and my body is far more tired than normal. This opportunity for a deload week could not have come at a better time!

However, aside from needing rest, I like to mix up my training on holiday to keep it fresh and take the pressure off. Following a programme is the best plan for getting results, staying focused and being disciplined but every now and again it is good mentally to go off plan and do something just for fun or for a change. Holiday is the ideal opportunity for this given that it is a change from routine in every other way!

So with all that being said what am I going to do when I am away? The plan is simply to go for a few light runs along the beach. I do not plan to time them or measure the miles, I am simply going to run as far as I want and then turn back, no pressure and no stress. I want to enjoy the view, clear my head and enjoy exercise without having the time pressure of having to get showered, changed and back out to work! I probably wont run every day, but then again I might. I will just see how I am feeling and also how hot it is!! I could rest completely and would not feel guilty about it, but I enjoy working out and I particularly enjoy running in a new environment taking in all the sights, for me that is part of my holiday and is in no way a chore or an obsession, as some say! An obsession means you cannot relax without something, but I will relax no matter what, if I run or if I do not. I train because I like to and not because I have to. I could easily not train for a week and pick up right where I left off before I went away, I do not worry even worry about that! I am only worried that the week will go by too fast!!

Hope you have a great week!

Fit Bird

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