The last couple of months at Diary of a Fit Bird HQ have been incredibly busy, which is awesome, but subsequently managing time and trying to fit everything in both personally and professional has been a challenge and I know that this balance is something that so many of my 4321 members face. It is tough and never seems to let up, so how can we manage the situation better? I do not have all the answers, but this week I have tried really hard not to let my challenges overwhelm me and that has helped!

Being overwhelmed is a horrible feeling, it is constant stress, combined with mild panic and the desire to retreat to a simpler time! Before this week, the last time I felt this way was when I moved house. The house I moved into needed so much work done and both Giulio and I wanted to move straight back out! We just felt as though it was too big a task to take on and complete. Moving back to our safe and comfortable flat seemed like a much better option and had this been an option we may well have done it!! However, of course it wasn’t and we just got on with the task ahead knowing that there was no other choice. This week though and, in fact, over the last few weeks I have felt incredibly overwhelmed and many a time nearly took the easy way out as this time it was an option.

Instead of opting out though, I tried to mange the situation better by identifying what was causing the most stress. I realised my timeline for completing certain goals was the biggest issue, so instead of feeling overwhelmed and instead of giving up, I decided to simply do as much as I possibly could up to this date and if I have to extend the deadline by a week or two then that is what I have to do! My work load is the same, the issue of trying to balance work and personal life is the same, but by taking that excess pressure off I was not feeling so overwhelmed and subsequently have been far more productive!!

For most 4321 members the biggest task they face is trying to fit in exercise over and above family life and work life. Not an easy task for anyone, which is why so many people find their health and fitness regime is put on the back burner given that work and family commitments are not as easy to offload! Rather than give up completely though, take the pressure off and instead of trying to fit in 4 workouts a week, start with just 1. 1 is better than 0! Then build up from there. Looking after yourself better is a lifelong goal so do not try to solve every issue at once. Start slow and build it up. Doing 1 workout a week and drinking more water is a perfect start! Will it let you drop 12 pounds in 12 weeks, unlikely, but that may be the exact type of pressure we are trying to avoid!!

I think we are all guilty of taking on a bit too much and this is why we feel so overwhelmed a lot of the time. We need to prioritise, streamline our tasks and simply do what we can in the time we have. In the end no one can do anymore than that!

Hope you have a great week!

Fit Bird

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