Just when you think everything is going smoothly and you are on top of it all there is always a curve ball! Last week with a busy week scheduled, riding right on the crest of wave in terms of both momentum and busyness I fell off. I had to take Tuesday and Wednesday off work and on Thursday I just did the bare minimum. I also didn’t train all week, as even at the weekend I still felt a little more tired than normal. A couple of days off work and a mild illness is not really a big deal but it did highlight a couple of positive changes that I have made since coming back from maternity. 

For years I was a one man band. All sessions delivered by me, all programmes written by me, all social media posts created & posted by me, all financial accounts done by me and really anything else you can think of, so when I got sick and when I took maternity leave everything stopped. It was completely inefficient and because I only have 2 hands and 24 hours in the day it massively restricted growth. This is the first time I have fallen ill since Giulio joined the business and we restructured things massively and what a difference. 

Instead of stressing about everything that wasn’t getting done or how far I was falling behind he had everything in hand. Yes I didn’t post any personal content on social media and I had to cancel 2 mornings worth of personal training sessions but largely the company kept functioning. We have also teamed up with our marketing guru Graeme so along with his team it feels as though there are now 4 of us in the business instead of just me. Having some people to lean on when you need it is absolutely invaluable, not just for me but also for 4321 members. If I am off for a few days there is still someone they can talk to or get in touch with. 

This team work has made such an incredible difference, not just when I am sick though, that is why the last 10 weeks or so has actually been going well. I did think having some help would lessen my work load but in reality we all just keep coming up with more for me to do! The big difference though is that I feel like I can really focus on doing what I really want to do which is all the parts that deal with people from sessions to social media, videos & podcasts. I get to focus much more on 4321 members and I really like that. So the work load feels lighter and easier and the odd time I cannot do that Giulio can pick it up and vice versa. 

This last week I really valued all this restructuring and I know for sure we are doing the right thing and going the right way. More than anything though I realised how much I love what I do. as I write this it is Monday morning and I am fired up, focused and absolutely ready to smash the week. Let’s do this.

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